Improved Job Search App (Feature List)

Below is a list of potential features my job search app can have. Beside each feature is a note of whether or not the feature is a must have feature in the app, a feature that is nice to have or a feature that is not needed.

o Map that shows local networking opportunities (in relation to where you are)— MUST HAVE

o Save jobs (on your “job board”) — MUST HAVE

o Show jobs based on radius — MUST HAVE

o Profile — MUST HAVE

o Chat option to quickly talk with hiring managers — MUST HAVE

o Profile that better integrates social media/your resume (your profile is organized like a resume) — NICE TO HAVE

o Groups (of individuals) based on university, university major, category of jobs applied to — NICE TO HAVE

o If you haven’t applied to any jobs for a few days, it will notify you and show you some jobs that might be of interest — MUST HAVE

o List of companies hiring based on job type — NICE TO HAVE

o Interview help within the app — NICE TO HAVE

o Ability to see who has applied and the probability of you getting the job vs. those who have applied — NOT NEEDED

o Notification when your application has been viewed — NICE TO HAVE

o Reviews of companies you are applying to — NOT NEEDED

o Option to contact people in the company — NOT NEEDED

o Internship postings, entry level postings (postings based on experience) — MUST HAVE

o Application feedback (rather than a standard response email) — NICE TO HAVE

o Skills test area (companies place a challenge/test and you have a certain amount of time to complete and submit) à based on skill an knowledge, not experience — NOT NEEDED/NICE TO HAVE

o Incentives for longer commute times — NOT NEEDED

o Search by start date (important for students who will be graduating) — NICE TO HAVE

o Ability to upload a brief video (1–2 min) to your profile introducing yourself and what you are looking for and your skill-set — NOT NEEDED

o School job fair/networking opportunity updates and postings — NICE TO HAVE

o Integrate articles/further reading on topics relevant to your skills/job you’re looking for — NOT NEEDED

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