New Users, Engagement and Retention

Getting people to use your app is only part of the battle. The other parts include engaging the user and retaining them as a user of your app. Far too often users grow tired of apps because there is either nothing that benefits them or the app simply becomes boring and is seen as something taking up space on one’s phone rather than something that provides the user with some form of value.

The above image makes a very valid and important point: the product should get better the more it’s used and users have more to lose by leaving the product. In regards to the Hyre app, a large aspect of the app is networking and growing your online network within the app, which will hopefully result in job opportunities and strong offline relationships and connections. When users begin adding more connections, talking to more hiring managers, continue updating and improving their profile, they become invested in the app and invested in their connections within the app. By engaging users in this way, in addition to providing them badges the more they engage and interact with users and the app itself, retaining users is not as difficult of a task as it could be. The more interaction that occurs between the user, the app and companies using the app to find talent, the chance of a user who is looking for work landing a job relatively soon is quite high.

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