Creativity 101


*Inspiration can come from anywhere, which is great because there is a lot around. What we can do as people is to go around and get inspired by what our sense experience. We can be of witness to something and we begin to make connections in our head for whatever it is we are creating.

I love creating workshops and I have a few goals for all my workshops. 1 is that it is an experienced workshop, meaning that people have an experience and people feel they are more experienced after they are done. I have been able to create these workshops due to the inspiration from my life and putting the pieces together that others may not because of our different experiences.

My long term inspiration comes from many different avenues, some include:

- Theatre/Improv (as of today twleve/ten years of experience)

- Psychology ( 8 years of experience)

- Martial Arts (3 years of total experience)

- Design (1 year of self exploration and exploration with those in the field, thanks Asli)

- General Self education (books, podcast, meeting amazing people sine forever)

- Life experiences (E.G. Living in NY, FL, CA, being bullied (helped create my empathy), being a good friend and a bad friend, making mistakes, experiences successes, love, pain, confusion, and my grandmothers empanadas)

Have many things in life that you enjoy allows it all to feed each other. I have a hard time only focusing on one thing forever, my brain and body dont work like that. Luckily I have many different outlets that fill me up and also re-inspire something that I have not had any interest in a while. I dont consider myself a writer by any means (even thought I am enjoying writing this) but I love listening to podcast and it gets me inspired to write. One thing that gets me inspired to listen to podcast is walking. One thing that gets me inspired to walk is plain old living. These are separate and yet they come together.

I love to dance which helps improve my improv for many reasons such as give and take and make my partner look good. These side things that I do all inform each other, it is up to me as the collector to see the commonalities.

I have taken all my experience, all the different places and use that as fuel for my creation and its been awesome.

Not only does it appear in my work it also appears in who I want to be as a person. I will never forget my friend Daniel Edmunson, one of the most loving people I have ever known and he will always be remembered for many things including bringing people together. That is where I learned that being someone who brings people together is fun and awesome.

We have the opportunity to be inspired from everywhere and everything and to keep adding that into our pot and making a new mixture of who we are and what we create.

*Go get some inspiration from everywhere (books, magazines, talks, conferences, museums, history) and keep it all together and make a storage out of it. I still have a ton of my grad school books, which often reminds me to utilize my psychology background in what it is that I do. We are forget creatures.

Nothing is original anymore it is just altered into something a little different, so go out and get some ideas and create your little different thing.

“We were kids without fathers…so we found our fathers on wax and on the streets and in history. We got to pick and choose the ancestors who would inspire the world we were going to make for ourselves” — Jay Z

*If you find someone inspiring learn everything you can from them and then see who inspires them and climb that latter of inspiration. It will provide inspiration forever.

Unknown and Discovery

Nothing ever needs to be perfect and we sure dont need to keep looking for that perfect thing. We also may not know who we are and the good news is that we get to discover who we are every single day.

But lets not wait until forever, lets start today, now, this moment. There is no need to wait for us to be creative, often waiting can be a sign of fear. There is a difference in waiting because you don’t know what to do and your afraid, or you have patience for what you are waiting for and are know that you are purposefully waiting because a situation may change or stepping to early may throw something off. But if you are waiting because you don’t know, STOP IT.

Go Fuck Up. I am not saying to intentionally Fuck Up, but allow that to be an option, to be part of the process. One of the best way to discover and learn who you are is by doing and failing and succeeding or finding something in between. In those moments you get to learn more about who you are and what you care about.

Often time we can even surprise ourselves with what we are capable of. Go Surprise Yourself, maybe you like sweet tarts, or ballet, or rock climbing or tying people with rope.

*Knowing that I don’t know has been such an amazing thing for me since it allows me to be in a place of no judgment (as much as I can be as a human) and fully experience things as they are, eyes wide open like a baby seeing things for the first time. It helps with the discovery mode

We do not know sooooo much and that is good and awesome, the burden of knowledge is no joke and if we knew it all life would cease to matter. But we do get to learn a ton which becomes part of who we are and how we see the world. We have very few things that we experience (sex, food) and most other things are our perception (which is super powerful).


I am such a kinesthetic learner which I recently fully understood. I love being in front of whiteboard and moving and allowing ideas to just vomit however way they come out. To see patterns and relationships appear as I use the whiteboard. I also love using sticky notes and moving them around (thanks DESIGN).

I know that if I am not moving my body I am not experiencing my fullest self. (Kiss Kiss to whomever invented the standing desk (mine is a bunch of books holding up my laptop but the standing desk was where I got the inspiration from))

I also have a bunch of supplies that is offline that allow me to be creative in a much more free flowing way.

My fav

When I run or exercise my body feels so happy which allows my mind not to have to worry about my body which gives my brain more energy which allows my thoughts to go zrrrrrrrrrooooommmm and zoooooom. I believe that the mind and the body are separate things and also one thing.

Giving life to both takes care of the other like a big happy parasite that is an ameba, I think you clearly get my point.

Move body = Move mind

Our bodes can tell us so much, we just have to get better at listening and once we listen we will be much more creative because now we have communication coming from all over the place. Meowww

List of things that help me get in a creative space:





-Live performances



-Live events





-Good time with friends


-Other people doing amazing things

-Morning Routines

-Starring at a wall

As I learn more about creativity I will continue to update this, or maybe not.