Study Concludes Women Pay More for Products in NYC

Michael W. Sparks
Dec 24, 2015 · 2 min read
Photo By: Viktor Hanacek

Our good friends at the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs have taken the time to check out the prices of 794 consumer products in the Big Apple. They should’ve taken the extra time to find the prices of an even 800 products, but I guess it shows what kind of operation they are running there. What they have learned from their little expedition is that women pay more for products such as razors and shampoo.

The similar items they studied lead them to conclude that women pay more for their products 42 percent of the time, while men pay a higher price only 18 percent of the time. What is 42 minus 18? It’s 24. So, what does it all mean? Please, you tell me.

One example that is given (and worthy of being pointed out) is that women are paying more for their fancy razors than men are paying for their souped-up 15-blade razors. Isn’t that something? Those in the razor industry claim that the reason for this is that men buy razors more often, so it evens out and both genders end up paying about the same for their shaving action on a yearly basis.

According to the report by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, the biggest price difference between men’s and women’s products happens in the shampoo aisle. Men pay on average $5.68 for a bottle of hair cleaning liquid while the fairer sex pays $8.39 per bottle. I’ve known some women to be very picky when it comes to what they use when it comes to washing their locks… I’m just throwing that out there.

And, so, here’s my conclusion — and the only voice of reason in this world: Women can bargain shop and pay less for their products, so therefore, there is a simple reason why women are paying more for items. Women think that the more expensive an item is, the better the quality. It’s really that simple. And women usually want to feel like they are getting the best that they possibly can. You can blame Disney (and others) for that. I call it the “Princess-Syndrome.” “Princess” is a word that is thrown around way too much (by mother’s, especially) and girls grow up thinking that they need to be treated a special way and given certain things.

NYC Dept. of Consumer Affairs, you are welcome for the answer that I provided to you free of charge. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.

I’m a freelance writer from New York who now resides in Las Vegas. I’m currently working on two novels. My website is

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