Worker Dunks Hair In Oil At Waffle House Restaurant

Forrest City, Ark. — First of all, “Waffle House” is the best possible name for this restaurant. No sense in getting all fancy, just tell us what you are and what your essence is all about. At a Waffle House in woman dunked her nasty hair in the oil with the help of a co-worker during their shift at the Waffle House (of Hair). A concerned citizen videotaped it for prosperity… after some of the hair had been chewed on!
 The fine folks at Inside Edition called it “stomach-churning.” That’s a bit dramatic. It’s more along the lines of “fucking disgusting” than anything.
 The Waffle House hair enthusiasts were fired and the manager wants the public to know that all has been corrected. Please, go to this Waffle House and eat their (presumably) choice food. Please!

Originally published at on January 14, 2016.