Stopping Trolls Is Now Life and Death for Twitter
Jessi Hempel

Yeah Twitter has some seriously hate problems, but many social media websites do sadly. The Daisy Ridley thing that happened the other day on Instagram was very sad to hear about.

Twitter will either be bought out or shut down within a year or two though. Their model to make money won’t work. Twitter ads are terrible. They just don’t work well and money is better spent on Facebook and Google. It is more efficient to connect with someone with a big influence on Twitter and pay them to “promote” your brand rather than throw money at Twitter for an ad system that doesn’t work well, and Twitter doesn’t get any of that money if you do that.

The growth rate will be stagnant because if you aren’t on Twitter already, chances are you aren’t going to randomly join. A big lure of Twitter for a big population of Twitter is being able to follow celebrities. The younger generation seems to prefer Instagram and Snapchat to do that though instead of Twitter.

I don’t imagine Twitter being able to turn a profit. It is already in the red by a lot ($2 billion in ten years ). No way it magically gains that back with its subpar ad network.

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