Do you “know”, what you “believe”?

This article can change your idea about „knowing“, but you will not “know” more after reading it. Even that it can make sense to read the article. I will explain why.

The British mathematician George Spencer Brown said we can´t learn something by listening and reading. When he spoke about learning he meant to know something after it. This is a strong sentence by George Spencer Brown. And what means to know something?

When my father asked me something I answered often “I believe, that …” and he replied “believing” is not “knowing”.

What means believing, what means knowing?

We start with “believing”. It means that we think, something is true with a certain probability less than 100%. If we believe something with 100%, we know it.

“Knowing” means, we made an experience where we could observe what happened. We know. In science many phenomena can not be observed directly. We need instruments, f.e. a microscope, a telescope or a satellite and so on. We “know“ when we can repeat the process of observation with instruments and we get the same results. The best is when we can repeat the process with other instruments and we get the same results.

So when we hear or read something, we can decide to believe it or not. We don´t know, because we made no experience until now.

When we make an experience with what we heard or read and it will come to the same result as described, we know.

What do we believe and know in the social world?

We are working with the theory of social systems. Theory is a description of observations. This is a phenomenologically process. This theory can be observed in our self and in social systems. We can observe our own thinking and how we contribute in social systems (behave). We can interpret the contributions of the others. We don´t know what the others are thinking and what they will do.

We can find patterns in social systems which happen with a certain probability. In fact we know nothing in social systems and it´s good to learn to live in the here and know and act out of the moment.

All what we offer in the social field are forms for observing, to find the own way and to stay open for the surprising life.

So you can develop knowledge after reading this article by observing your thinking and how you build mind constructions.

You build mind constructions, which you know and which you believe. Together we call it your reality construction, your image of your world.

Please think about it and I am looking forward for your comments. Thank you very much.

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