Colors in the home and what they tell about you

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We express our personality through colors in the interior. We change them from time to time, but most of us tend to stick to certain shades. That choice is not accidental. Find out what colors say about you and decorate your home in line with your character.

Warm and bright tones of yellow

Orange, yellow and peace are bright, they associate of sunshine and fire — an open person, full of energy. People who use warm tones are usually of a good mood and sociable. But, they are much more than that. People who like this color are usually intelligent and avanturistic, and above all appreciate freedom.

Warm shades make the interior more energetic, more intimate, they stimulate conversations. To lower the temperature of the room in the home use yellow tones with blue, gray and green, orange with black.

Soft pastel shades

People in whose home in shades of pastel blue, green and peach color like nature. These colors bring a peaceful still in the home, and they remind of a bright sky. Thanks to the lower intensity of these colors, they better suit the eyes.

If you like green and similar shades in the interior, great for you, because these colors bring an oasis of peace in your home. To bring more energy into the home, these pastel shades can be mixed with orange and brown piece of furniture and details.

Elegant colors of precious gems

The shades of ruby, sapphire and other precious gems in every home should stand for luxury and riches. They are open and elegant- The glow of the precious gems is perfect for covering up flaws in the home — they make the interior more glamorous and more comfortable.

For example, a bathroom in which navy blue dominates seems darker and more tight, and the shades of sapphire are more dynamic. Combine elegant tones with neutral tones or tones of similar intensity. Use them in rooms in which you don't spend a lot of time, in the dining room, the hallway or the bathroom.

Walls of earthy shades look inconspicuous and at the same time allow bolder combinations with furniture colors. Some thinks they are boring though. If you want to make your home come to life, pair up some soft fabrics with wooden, glass and metal surfaces. Create a contrast so the space doesn’t look sterile and common.

Colors are a truly amazing thing. They bring joy to our life, and they bring a load of other emotions too. When you see dark, sad colors, you become sad. When you bright and sunshiny colors, you become happy. They can lift up your energy, and they can bring it down. They can help with your focus and creativity, and they can help you rest your mind after a long day. Truly a wonderful thing. Your Venetian blinds should never be shut. Let that sun shine in and the yellow goodness with instantly improve your mood and your energy level for the whole day.

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