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Barack’s frank talk

With a speech seventeen minutes long, President Obama made another bid for the start of a conversation we as a nation desperately don’t want to…

Films and movies: The disappointments of Oscar 2015

This year’s golden-dude derby was defined as much by the films that weren’t there in a big way, or there at all…

The new playa: How Larry Wilmore changes late-night

As someone with the multi-hyphenate talents Hollywood both needs and craves, he’s in a perfect position to be for…

Upon further further review

Ray Rice, the NFL and the demands of our visual, forensic culture

It’s a video about 27 jaw-dropping seconds long and it’s been…

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Ferguson and America, hard by the Rubicon

Is this the wake-up call we get out of bed to answer or the one we sleep through, again?

The Justice Brothers

Whether it’s a highway patrolman or the Attorney General of the United States, law enforcement is personal to an African American cop

Ferguson Nation: Michael Brown, Ezell Ford and the war at home

Welcome back to the occupation. The one we’ve been living under for years.

Rethinking Africa: The summit and where it leads

A world gathering counters the perception of Africa as geopolitical backwater, economic basket case, epidemiological…

Into the rabbit hole: Murdoch’s bid for Time Warner

Fox may be the big kid of the media schoolyard, but that doesn’t matter when there are a lot more kids in that

Fifth of July: Our not-quite freedom summer

What we’ve gained and lost in 50 years shows: If black Americans’ relationship with America was a Facebook status, it’d…

Tea Party in hot water: Rewriting the rules in Mississippi, and elsewhere

Serial election defeats for the movement recalibrate received wisdom about race, Republican…