6 ways people that are truly happy think

People that are truly happy are easy to spot. They have an energy about them. They have a level of enthusiasm that is seemingly limitless. They have a way about them that makes them people magnets. And honestly they sometimes bug the crap out of us because they remind the rest of us that we have a long way to go.

Here is a short list of characteristics that I have found in people that I believe truly love life and I personally try to imitate as much as I can. Maybe you can too if you’re like me and need to do a little growing

1. The more people around them succeed, the better off they are.

This one is huge. So often we tell people how much we want them to succeed in whatever aspect of life they are moving forward in but on the inside we struggle with it and don’t really want to see it. It’s hard to see your peers progress when you yourself are struggling and seemingly spinning in circles.

As I have noticed, people who are happy truly love to see progress in their friends, co-workers, and family because they know that the only way to succeed is to help others succeed.

2. They enjoy the flowers, they don’t pluck them.

The first thing that we usually do when we just get something new is we grasp at it tighter.
 A new relationship, a new job, a monetary success, a new idea, the next step is to automatically fear losing it.

Happy people enjoy things in life as they come, knowing that grasping at material things will only suffocate them and make them less enjoyable. The minute you pluck a beautiful flower because you want to keep it, you have killed it.

3. They live with the end in mind.

So often we let the garbage and insignificant things of the daily grind get to us and bring us down. Sometimes going on in this loop for weeks, months, even years.

Truly happy people start every endeavor, every day, every moment with the end in mind, fully knowing that at any moment, life may be cut short.

4. They speak nothing but love behind peoples backs

Gossip is poison. Let me say it again…. Gossip is poison!! It’s one of the easiest things to be caught up in. Honestly it’s fun sometimes, it makes for great conversation around beers or coffee but it is garbage.

I have noticed that happy people ALWAYS have something great to say about someone, even about the people that hurt them in one way or another, they will be sure to mention a great quality that the person has. This blows my mind because it’s an aspect of love for another human that I can only hope to have some day.

5. They enjoy the process of growth

Happy people do not have it easier than the rest of us just because they love life more, they have the same opposition, the same struggles, the same failures as the rest of us.

They are different in one way though. They know that every person that has achieved much success or changed the world in one way or another, had to go through the fire. Through the “fire” is where growth happens, and success comes shortly after. If you are going to go through it, might as well enjoy the process.

6. They have confidence in themselves.

This allows them to be themselves in any social or professional situation.

When we run around worrying what people are going to think about us or say about us, we lose. It causes us to change who we are just to align with what we think people will accept. People who truly love life, know that they are unique and have something to offer to the world that no one else can.

Make these 6 characteristics a part of who you are and you will truly be happy 

There is a better way to live!



Originally published at speaklife365.com on June 12, 2016.