A spotlight on your fears tends to make them go away

My fear

I could cost my small business thousands of dollars developing a tool we hope will be used in the low-voltage industry. This could potentially put myself and my partners in a very tight spot.

My response

I don’t get much sleep at night when I catch myself thinking about whether or not I made a mistake in pushing this idea through, all the way from design to production.

More often than not, the only thing that holds me back from doing something I want to do is the fear of what will happen if it try. When I fight past that, I am now faced with the fear of what will happen after I have done it? Were my investments worth it? What will people think? If it fails, how will I recover?

Fear setting

I recently learned a bad-ass little trick from one of my favorite authors and entrepreneurs, Tim Ferriss.

The trick is for getting past a doubt/fear holding you back from doing anything that is worth doing in life, it’s called “fear setting”. The process of bringing your fears to the light.

The reason we let fear take such a deathly grasp on us is because it is undefined. We are flooded with images we create in our minds of all the things that can go wrong and we don’t really ever think them through. Most of the time, they are completely unrealistic or even preventable.

Here are the 3 steps Tim suggests you take with any goal or dream of yours.

• In the first column, write down all of the things that could go wrong should your attempt fail. Think of the most terrible things possible.

• In the second column, determine ways that you can mitigate the possibility of each of those bad consequences from happening.

• In the third column, think of how you would recover from each of the scenarios you imagined and wrote in the first column.

Here is my personal experiment of the exercise with the fear I mentioned above.

“You come away from that exercise realizing, ‘Wow, I was getting extremely anxious and all worked up over something that is completely preventable, reversible, or just not a very big deal,’” Ferriss says.

Doing this exercise brings your fears out of the darkness by shining a spot light on them.
 Most of the time, your closet doesn’t look so scary when the lights come on 😉

There is a better way to live!



Originally published at speaklife365.com on September 1, 2016.