Creating a vision for your life: A lesson from two blind boys

I wanted to tell you a little story about two boys.

One with a great vision for his life, and the other, with no plans, goals, or direction of any kind whatsoever.

Once upon a time there were two blind boys who were friends.

Every day they sat in front of the gate to the queen’s palace and they collected coins into a jar from people passing by.

One boy had learned to play the fiddle and he played it as they sat. The other one only complained about how miserable their life was as they sat there.

They did this every day and the louder the one boy played his fiddle, the more money they seemed to get from folks passing by. His skills with the fiddle only increased.

“You see friend, the more I play my fiddle, the more money we earn. One day, I will be a great musician and I will play for the queen! I will be the greatest musician in the land.” The boy said.

His grumbling friend turned to him and said, “We are blind!! We are not lucky like those other people!! Your dream of playing for the queen will make us go hungry! It’s best you stop with that old instrument and help me beg.”

But the boy ignored his friend and continued to play his fiddle, picturing in his mind that he was already in front of the queen.

One day, two servants of the queen were passing by and they heard the boy’s music. They stopped and approached the boy. “Say boy, your sounds are beautiful, would you like to serve your queen and play for her to ease her mind in the evenings?”

Of course the boy enthusiastically agreed and as they were helping him get to his feet, his friend began to complain. “This is not fair, take me with you as well, we have been together all these years, I deserve to be in the palace as well.”

“And what skills do you possess, what can you offer in service to the queen?” the servants asked him.

The boy of course had nothing to offer but he demanded that he too deserved to join his friend with the fiddle in the palace. Finally, the servants got fed up with his complaining and they took both boy’s through the gate.

In the palace, the boys were split up and led into separate rooms.

The complaining blind boy was brought into a room and was seated on a chair. A large comb was placed in his hand and in the other, a long and thick strand of hair to which he was instructed to comb.

An hour had passed and the two blind boys were stopped for a rest. They were brought into the lounge where they were to wait for their services to be called upon again.

The complaining boy spoke first, “This is great isn’t it?!!! They have me combing the queen’s hair!

“But I did notice one thing that was odd, the smell of her hair is so UNPLEASEANT!”

“Interesting,” his friend with the fiddle responded. “I too served the queen. I played my fiddle for her for the last hour, I did not know that you were in the chambers with us, combing her hair.”

The complaining boy replied, “Strange! And I did not hear a fiddle!”

A servant who had been listening to their conversation approached and addressed the complaining boy. “Sir, the strange smell you speak of was not of the queen… it was probably coming from the donkey’s ass.”

“What was I doing near a donkey’s ass!!!? The boy screamed.

“Well sir, when you demanded that you also be brought to the palace to serve the queen like your friend, we had no other job for you to do so we put you in the stall to comb the donkey’s tail!”

The moral of the story is this: When you don’t create a vision for your life, you will be forced to live the life that people tell you to live and that life will NEVER… be one that brings you meaning… or joy… or purpose.

You will NEVER accidentally do great things…

And you just might end up very close to a smelly ass.

If you want to live a life worth living, a life that is extraordinary, a life that gives you purpose, meaning, and Joy, you must create a vision for your life.

You must create a destination for yourself, and see yourself there, long before you know how to actually get there.

There is a better way to live!

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