Fear grips you for a little bit, regret grips you for a lifetime.

Michael V. Ivanov
Dec 27, 2016 · 1 min read

Speak with a retired vet.

Speak with a homeless man.

Speak with any elderly person in a retirement home.

You will see regret everywhere. You will see it in their eyes, in their tears, and sometimes even hidden in their smile.

This life is the only thing we get 1 shot at but for whatever reason we treat it like a practice run. We live “safe”. We say we will take a risk on the next opportunity, for now it’s just “too dangerous”, “not yet”, or “not now”. As if we get one more and then we will surely “go all in”.

We fight so hard against a FEAR, the illusion in front of us that we completely miss the death blow from behind, REGRET.

If you have desires for more, a longing for greatness, a search for meaning, or a dream envisioned, you can’t possibly risk being held back by a fear only to be faced with regret.

A “safe” life is a wasted life.

Fear may be temporarily crippling but regret is a permanent suffering.

There is a better way to live!

Michael V. Ivanov

Written by

I write and speak with a hope of inspiring folks to find a better way to live. Author of “The Mount of Olives” https://speaklife365.com/

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