Remember that feeling you had when it was still just an idea.

I’m not much of a hiker and living in the Pacific Northwest sometimes makes me feel like I have to be. We have the best hiking trails and we have hundreds of them.

I love the views, I love reaching the top of the trail and staring at the sunset, sunrise, or just down the Columbia River gorge. On any day, rain or shine, it’s equally gorgeous.

Maybe it’s because I always go with people who feel the need to sprint the whole way up or the dozens of times that I got myself into poison ivy but either way, the trip up is rarely as enjoyable as the view at the top.

It won’t always be enjoyable

They say when you have a dream or a goal to strive for, you should always remember to enjoy the process along the way. Part of this is the truth but they forget that when you truly DO dream big, it requires you to be WAY out of your comfort zone. And that isn’t a fun place to be.

It is indeed the best place to be, out of your comfort zone is where you will experience the most growth and progress but it sure as hell isn’t always “enjoyable”.

You get caught up in “the grind”

When you decide on some place to hike to, you think about how cool it will be at the top. How beautiful the view will be and how amazing it will feel to be up there, but then, you have to take the steps to get there.

This is usually where we bog down. On the way up.

When your legs and lungs are burning and the end is nowhere in sight, the final destination no longer seems so appealing.

There always seems to be a point where we question if it’s even worth it.

We forget why we started because we forget to look up.

In business, in our careers, in anything we set out to do in life out of our normal comfort zone we go through this phase.

Sit down, take a breather, look up

What does the top look like?

Why are you doing what you do?

What got you so excited for it in the first place?

We have to ask ourselves these questions.

Write it on your hand, put it on your bathroom mirror, or add a cellphone alarm that will remind you daily, but ALWAYS keep your end goal in front of you.

Bring back that feeling you had when it was still just an idea, when it first came to you over coffee with friends or a conversation with family 🙂

Stop and see that end destination once again and bring back that excitement. Don’t let the process of getting there take out the passion of being there.

There is a better way to live!



Originally published at on August 1, 2016.