Paul Ryan Won’t Fund Trump’s Wall, Border Patrol Not Happy

In an effort to appease Democrats, Never Trump/Sometimes Trump House Speaker Paul Ryan apparently plans to postpone funding for the border wall until 2018.

Ryan’s ineffectual leadership was also responsible for the failure of the Obamacare repeal-and-replace bill the first time around.

“Republican leaders have proposed delaying a decision on Trump’s initial request of $1.5 billion for the wall and an additional $2.6 billion for more border security next year until after a new spending bill is approved this month in the hope of averting a government shutdown,” the Washington Post reported.

The wall funding delay in this year’s budget didn’t sit well with Brandon Judd, the president of the National Border Patrol Council and a 20-year Border Patrol officer, as he explained on the Fox Business Channel.

I disagree. President Trump promised he was going to secure the border, and part of securing the border is putting in place the proper technology and resources that allows us to be successful. And a border wall in strategic locations is one of those things that we must get done.

Because of the Trump effect, illegal border crossings have hit an unprecedented 17-year low, Judd confirmed. He also praised Trump for immediately ending Obama’s catch-and-release policy. “The handcuffs are being taken off of the law enforcement agents, and we’re putting the handcuffs back on the criminals.”

Because of Ryan’s intransigence, and who knows what excuses he’ll make when 2018 rolls around, it may turn out that Trump may have to do an end-run around Congress and locate the cash through some kind of presidential-controlled discretionary account.

As he promised during the election campaign, President Trump has deployed ICE agents to detain illegal alien felons across the country for deportation. Earlier this week while touring the U.S.-Mexico border, Attorney General Jeff Sessions outlined a far-reaching strategy to secure the border, including a directive to all U.S. attorneys to prioritize prosecuting serious immigration-related offenses as they relate to criminal activity.

“The Attorney General touted the 40 percent reported drop in illegal crossings at the southern border since President Donald Trump took office while unveiling the plan,” Breitbart News observed.

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