Progression Of Sharia Law Destroys Democracy

The word that comes up more and more often these days is tolerance. Leftists would have you believe that there isn’t a more noble achievement than to become entirely tolerant, abandon your culture, and respect all other cultures. For whatever reason, they fail to see the irony in this cultural acceptance mixed with the abandonment of their own. This is especially true for the white male community, the scourge of diversity and the reason for the failures of all other non privileged groups.

What I’m trying to drive home today is the insane thought that this tolerance should know no limits. Case in point, the progression of sharia law in democratic nations. There is a current example that is indicative of what the left would call circumstantial but is indeed more of a general rule when it comes to Islam and its extreme tendencies in Indonesia.

Indonesia has had a historically secular government, even through its dictatorship under Muhammad Suharto but has recently moved the way of theocracy. Similarly with the way academia in the United States has promoted a cesspool of leftist contrivance, the university academia in Indonesia is moving towards Saudi based theocratic extremism.

This needs to be noted because Indonesia has a strong constitution and democracy, something that is supposed to maintain safety against radical ideologies. However, that is not the case as a large Muslim voter base continually pushes for more radical legislation nationwide. An increase in “blasphemy” charges and bans on alcohol are just the beginning of the progression of sharia law in democratic Indonesia.

The terrifying similarity between the United States and Indonesia is that even though we don’t accuse people of “blasphemy,” we do accuse them of “hate speech” which is just as vague and malleable. Although the West has a long way to go before it reaches the same level as a country like Indonesia, which has lost an entire section of the country to religious police and full sharia, the path is strikingly similar.

To conflate SJW’s with Muslims pushing for sharia may seem like a stretch but they have similar tones of intolerance embedded within them both. The reason that there is such a successful progression of sharia law in democracy is that it silences contrary opinions. This tactic is an extremely important aspect of maintaining a group-think mentality instead of promoting individualism as individualism is the death of oppressive ideologies.

The Popularity of Sharia

We are told on a continual basis that Muslims who promote the adoption of sharia law are the minority of opinion groups for the Islamic community. This is far from the case, 72% of Muslims in Indonesia would prefer government enforced sharia that covers all of Indonesia. Now, you may be thinking that this is a case study of Indonesia and this type of statistic doesn’t hold true from Muslims in America or Europe but the numbers suggest, given the origins of most modern refugees, that they will have similar leanings.

It all starts with suppression of speech like the Canadian anti-Islamophobia law which has the apparent intent to slow the justified fear of Islam. These types of laws are used in the same way that blasphemy laws are used in Indonesia to suppress political opposition for issues like sharia law. This clearly doesn’t happen overnight but once the process has started, it’s very difficult to change course.

Actionable Resistance

There’s always something that can be done to combat the rise of anti-individualistic and archaic barbarism like sharia law. Don’t let anyone tell you that there is peaceful motivation behind the progressive movement of tolerance. The only tolerance we need is that of personal liberty that will allow people to practice what they want without stepping on the rights of others. Sharia is non-compliant with this value set and actively discourages the proliferation of personal choice.

I find it laughable that those with the strongest opinions regarding Islam and how great it is have never been to a Muslim country before. Tolerance is not something we need to strive for as much as liberty that will fight the tyranny of oppressive ideologies. How would you feel if your daughter was on an innocent date out at a restaurant and she was abducted by religious police for being alone, though still in public, with a man who she has yet to marry? Then, after the abduction they would imprison her, and cane her to whatever extent the religious clerics deem appropriate. This is not a fanciful concept but the reality in some countries who are repressively sliding into the trap of Islam.

Ignore the apologists, reject the notion that western culture is in some way inferior, and fight to maintain the cultural values which our nation was founded upon. There are no shortage of leftists who will attempt to shame you for believing what is right but that is the way of our current society. Don’t let the progression of sharia law destroy your western democracy.

-Michael Lane for