The Resistance Is Losing, Trump Is Beating Them

President Donald Trump has done his first 100 days. The Resistance is losing.

The Resistance is losing. They’ve been losing since Election Day.

Yes, he’s missed on some campaign promises, but he still has at the minimum four years to accomplish them. He’s also reduced the deficit, brought jobs back, and gotten China to import American coal. He’s winning when the courts and Paul Ryan aren’t blocking him.

They have no momentum. It’s like they’re attempting to sprint through hummus. Oops, that’s cultural appropriation, better not do that or I’m a racist!

The Resistance for the entire first 100 days has been divulging their imaginings of Putin and Trump chilling at the Trump hotels in hot tubs with Stalin and Hitler. The Resistance is losing their minds.

Even the manifestation of the Resistance, ANTIFA, is now on the losing path.

They hide their identity while they attack innocent people with clubs, flag poles and even human excrement have been beaten back in their promised land of Berkeley.

The Resistance has only been able to celebrate what the politicians masquerading as judges have done to impede Trump’s progress. They couldn’t even win the runoff vote like they swore they would in Georgia.

Their big middle finger to Trump is damage they cause in their own communities that they have to pay to fix. They even appointed a Muslim as the second in command of the DNC. Wow, stop beating the Donald.

The Proud Boys and conservatives beat ANTIFA at Berkeley. They’re losing when Trump continues to reduce the deficit and build more jobs. Hell, they’re losing because President Trump’s deportation numbers hurt their little liberal hearts.

As a result, the Resistance has gone from an actual movement of opposition to a group of petulant tantrum experts who haven’t drummed up the support in Washington they need to make any difference. Maybe the next 100 days they will realize it would be easier to enjoy the fruits of a good president. Hopefully, they’ll go get a job and peacefully go away.

If they stick around long enough, they will hand Trump 2020 on a golden platter because when the voters see what Trump’s opposition (The Resistance) is like, they’ll do everything they can to keep those morons out of power.

The Resistance is losing. Ultimately, soon they will have lost.

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-Michael Lane for