Don’t Forget Your Base

Well, let’s discuss this.

  1. His cabinet is prominently nationalists, so that one’s dismissed.
  2. He didn’t backtrack on Obamacare. Ryancare was Obamacare-lite and the Senate Republicans weren’t going to support it.
  3. Eh, he calls out everyone so this isn’t so important.
  4. Bannon was a temporary presence on the NSC to babysit Flynn. Once Flynn got up to speed or quit, Bannon was done on the NSC. It was completely expected.
  5. Syria strike, while I disagree with, was an agreed upon slap on the wrist. No casualties and no boots. Which I feel like this is your primary issue. Hinging your support on these things would be important in the long run, but not even 100 days in, come on.