WOW! Secret RUSSIAN Document Ended The Comey Probe Into Hillary’s Emails

During Wednesday it was unveiled that the former FBI Director, James Comey, made a unilateral decision to end the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Why would he do that without council?

He came into possession of a “Russian intelligence” document. A secret Russian document.

The document was dubbed as “secret and dubious” by Comey, but is now deemed as “bad intelligence” by the current hierarchy of the FBI.

The TOP SECRET document was supposedly a piece of Russian intelligence. There has been no confirmation from the Kremlin.

The document made the claim that previous Attorney General Loretta Lynch did in fact (POST TARMAC MEETING WITH BILL CLINTON) assured the Clinton campaign and organizations that the FBI probe would go nowhere despite the blatant mishandling of classified information.

Many former and CURRENT officials in the FBI have stated that the “Russian intelligence” document played a huge role in the Comey decision to announce, by his own accord, that the investigation was terminated.

Ironically, the FBI now says the intelligence was bad.

The supposed document is an email, not a hardcopy, that was supposedly penned by the ousted Debbie Wasserman Schultz and it was sent to Leonard Benardo. He is an official in the George Soros owned, Open Society Foundations.

Schultz stated that Loretta Lynch had undoubtedly assured a Clinton staffer that the investigation would die.

Then just a few days later, it died.

Loretta Lynch owned Comey, the Clintons owned Lynch. The investigation terminated in July and was only reopened by James Comey in October because more evidence had come to light.

The “Russia intelligence” was just a DNC email gone awry. And blaming the Russians fits with the DNC narrative since December of 2015.

Comey’s secret supporter have claimed the document had a strong pull on Comey, but the timing of the Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton tarmac meeting throw a wrench in the gears.

James Comey was under the impression that he had little choice but to close the investigation into Hillary’s emails.

It hasn’t been confirmed if President Trump knew all this prior to the firing of Comey. Blaming a secret Russian document for his firing seems farfetched.

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