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Dear god, I wonder what ZUN would think of all this.

I would like to point out that the connection between Momiji and Trump was the result of Trump sounding somewhat as if he was saying “awoovement” when he would say “a movement.” “Awoo” being the phrase typically associated with Momiji, although the more technically correct phrase would actually be “Wan”

Also, the 777777777 get was the more blatant “Trump will win”

The “plz be my ai gf” get was actually 88888888 and is more commonly interpreted as being a sign that would be resurrected recreated(as he was responding to a post where someone roleplaying as, or that there will be robotic humanoid girlfriends in the future. Some say that the prophecy was fulfilled by the existence of Premier or the creation of Azuma Hikari (although both cases are debateable).

Somewhat related is this commemorative plaque:

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