What Your Complaints About Medium Might Say About You
Shannon Ashley

As a writer chooses to write behind the pay wall they’re basically starting their following from scratch. In my case only about 20% of my readers or my core followers we’re actually in the paywall to begin with so as medium pivoted more into its partner program I began to notice a few things such as… my engagement cut in about 1/2 and my read ratio on my articles in the area of 10 to 15% lower.

Given these conditions I have a few choices continue as I am writing in my own style or actually pivot my topics to the existing smaller audience.

I’ve always been one to do my own thing but within the medium partner program the idea has dawned on me to actually serve my audience. So mediums pivot has forced a lot of Publications and writers to reframe their participation in such an attention economy.

If my survival is no longer about writing and more about getting attention, what does that mean for my evolution as an artist? I live in a world of ideas and articles and not stories and emotions. However the new medium isn’t made for someone like me.

I could always hit the craft of writing harder. Keeping true to my style in my aspirations as futurist philosopher. Ignoring the demoralizing feedback from my stats page. Keeping true to myself. But it won’t be easy.

For good or ill I have a feeling I will crash and burn with Medium, like a companion on the web. Allowing me to find a place even if never perfectly fitting in that universe.