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Black Mirror Season 4 Trailers are Out

I got to admit, I have a certain fascination with Netflix’s Blackmirror. The show is laden with half-truths, about human nature’s use of technology and the world we are creating with artificial intelligence, where privacy will soon no longer exist as we knew her.

Black Mirror is that television anthology series that shows the dark side of life and technology, in the most creepy variety that haunts you because, you can see this stuff coming true!

The teasers are finally here and the long-awaited Season 4 will in a few brief weeks, be finally here. The binge-worthy technological thriller means the scary side of tech is back, and the “dark moments” it leaves you with is enough to take the air out of your chest.

Black Mirror Season 4 Trailer

It’s hard to imagine a bright future, but we must. Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror returns to Netflix December 29th. (Source: Black Mirror, YouTube).

In a world where the very fabric of technology sometimes seems to have lost its way, from creepy YouTubes mesmerizing kids with inappropriate content, to Facebook’s algorithm endangering the entire institution of democracy through foreign cyber-hacking — we sometimes forget that Google and Facebook are but fledgling companies, building a future that might be as dark as some of the episodes Black Mirror portrays.

It sometimes seems as if Silicon Valley has no conscience, and will go to such lengths to exploit people and society for profit, that our very sanity is endangered.

In a world where the technological dystopias portrayed in Black Mirror used to seem like demonic science-fiction, after 2017, weirdly seem closer to alternative futures we might be heading towards.

Don’t look at me that way, “Black Mirror” is officially back. And I already find it disturbing in a good way that fills me with anxiety and anticipation as maybe the only TV show I actually look forwards to. You know, until Amazon rolls out ancient elves and all.

As if I really needed more British accents in my life schooling me about how technology could take another left turn into and up mind-control. I’m already up to my ears in thoughts on persuasion architectures and the threat of mobile addiction on the very fabric of human face-to-face connection. We live in a world where human beings are becoming faster like drones and clones, than robots and our software are becoming anthropomorphized into being more human! Anyway I’m going to shut up now, and let you watch some scary trailers.

Here’s the bad news, Season 4 will include just 6 episodes. Winner of a Peabody Award and International Emmy Award for best TV mini-series, each episode is like a dystopic narrative taking you deeper into the heart of the dark secrets of technology often centering on how difficult humans behave given the warped ideologies and contexts that unethical uses of technology might instill. Black Mirror is not just warped, it always leaves you with the chilling feeling that this is closer to the truth than you had originally presumed.







Black Mirror of course is a world where it’s okay to have brain implants, have your perception engineered and use technology in a way that simultaneously augments your experiences and yet deprives you of your humanity. A world where human evil is also given new means to influence us, and new channels to obscure our very sense of right and wrong.

Maybe Black Mirror is right though:

Happiness is fleeting, the world is scary, but everything happens for a reason.

In Season 4 I sense more human stories, more believable characters and narratives that we can identify with.

“Arkangel” is the one I’m most looking forwards to, directed by Jodie Foster, featuring our recurring favorite, a surveillance tool.

We know that killer robots are just around the corner, so “Metalhead” in its delightful tinge of black-and-white, reminds us just what those Boston Dynamic robots might become, if DARPA decides to unleash them on the unfortunate peasants who protest the 1%.

Charlie Brooker’s Twilight Zone-esque anthology series brings true and is now part of the Netflix spectacle and must live up to the hype. You know, like how many Emmys’ can it win this year!

Again we find devices that can help us access memories, perhaps visions better kept under wraps to the misfortunes of synaptic pruning and forgetfulness. That Instagram story was not real! Anyways, Season 4 has the usual misfits, and probes our inequality and human fragility in new ways, and it’s not that we mean to be sinister with ourselves, we just get obsessed with advanced dating systems, mind control and sweating out our melancholy in post-apocalyptic scripts.

Correct me if I am wrong? What episode are you most looking forwards to and why?