Google Sneakily Monetizes Where you Go

Google is moving from a search to a data tracking company, you’ve probably heard of them right?

Google is becoming that AI company that monetizes the fuck out of all of your data, and it’s getting worse.

Google has this amazing feature that’s old that they were pretending is new today on Product Hunt. Here’s the thing, you probably don’t even know about this.

Google is Tracking All of your Locations — All the Time

To make Google Assistant smarter Google is letting all of your personal data help it do its job better.

The feature is called Google Maps Timelines and it’s the real-time AI of your whereabouts.

Not only do the algorithms behind social media know who your friends are, your consumer preferences, it and the web knows what you search, where you browse and where you go physically.

Check out your own most visited places.

Google is that Company that Remembers where you’ve been

So for all the data hoarding and mining of AI-native companies, this one bothers me on a gut level. It’s like how to monetize people as numbers, as entities that roam the Earth and presumably want to see your ads.

Google does not actually know how to build relationships with consumers, so it kind of forces itself upon you, in the most sneaky and underhanded ways.

Google does not appear to have Limits in its hunger for your Private Data

Your location history, what you say in front of Google Home family devices, it’s hard to tell the limits of Google’s eyes and ears on us. All of this data is churning algorithms on how to monetize us, our habits, preferences and behavior for profit.

Don’t get me wrong I think Google Maps, reviews and timelines could be a useful feature, especially if Google Assistant remembered everything, because it’s not like I’m going to go through this history manually. But it’s also strikingly disturbing from a privacy and anonymity perspective, how Google is pushing the limits of how to exploit people.

Google Maps Timeline should not be some obscure feature that’s buried in their monitoring of us. People should know what they are opting in to. We are getting to the point where everything we do, everywhere we go, everyone we see, is being monetized by the data and attention economies.

Google wants more and more invasive and revealing data, that can increase its profitability.

Statista, Google’s revenue 2008–2017 Q3.

Google Tracks you For Profit Like a Mouse in a Maze

If Amazon is a fulfillment-centric company, Google is that data-centric company whose greed is changing the world of data forever and taking ubiquitous advertising (tracking) to new heights piggy backing on the data boom and artificial intelligence as the new blood-money of the 4th Industrial revolution.

Oddly, Google Maps Timeline has been out for over 2 years, but the creepy lengths it goes to makes Google nervous about making it more public than it already is.

Just maybe there’s a reason why Google hasn’t had a terrific record with building social networks, or making consumer hardware, or selling consumers much of anything. I mean, thanks to Google, YouTube is a lot of fun, but Google’s failure in all of these things points to a disturbing truth; for all the convenience search ads to our life we’re still not comfortable with the ways in which it harvests our data and and predicts our behavior for profit.