Google to Launch Netflix for Gaming called Yeti

If you like video games you probably like Steam. Now imagine a subscription service where you can stream games via Chrome? Dubbed Yeti, this new service will stream to a Chromecast or to an entirely new console. Say what? Yet Google might be building the Netflix of Gaming.

Google hasn’t understood the future quite like Tencent, or Amazon’s nifty acquisition of Twitch, but I’m going to give them the benefit on the doubt on this one, and hope they actually know what they are doing.

If Yeti can enable the Chromecast platform to deliver games without a download, that’s a win for the consumer as a subscription service and no downloads removes pain points to an already multi Billion dollar industry. Alphabet needs to pivot away from just Advertizing, it needs to build a better relationship with the new consumer. One thing we know about the new consumer, they like their video games!

Here’s the thing. . NVIDIA has GeForce Now, but that requires a Shield Android TV that costs almost $200. A Chromecast is $35.

To make a dent in the gaming industry market however, how does Google get users to join Yeti? Google’s hardware team has developed a game controller to pair with the service, and there’s also some work being done on a dedicated Yeti console based on the Cast framework. But do they have the marketing and PR chops to attract users?

Netflix become ubiquitous because of great content. YouTube itself has a lot of awful content and an algorithm that often gets YouTube in trouble with advertizers and the public.

To create a Netflix of Gaming, Google can’t just rely on its fledgling hardware team and chromecast (though I love the product), it has to make Yeti truly accessible to everyone.

Google will need an incredible investment in partnerships, and do better than it has with Google Home. It needs to tap into and convince the big-name developers and publishers to allow them to stream their content and create a win-win for the consumer.

Can Google found the “Netflix of Gaming”, or will it be yet another of Google’s failed experiments.