How China’s Great Firewall and Facebook Both are a One-Party System

Apple’s recent removal of VPN apps from the App Store in China sets a dangerous precedent. Western companies are starting to conform to Chinese regulations in order to get ahead.

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The Great Firewall of China and the duopoly of The U.S web by advertising giants Google and Facebook obscures the future of the web, in the East and the West.

Both create echo bubbles and manipulate information, as digital advertising is a cash cow of up to 98% of Facebook’s profits. Publications (formerly Newspapers) are being forced to lay off staff as the institution of journalism is systematically dismantled. If this sounds familiar, it should.

Apple has done much good for privacy and security in recent years, but actively assisting censorship crosses the red line of human rights. — Edward Snowden

The Web Is No Longer a Free Place

GFC (Great Firewall of China) is winning, Liu Xiaobo is dead, and June 4, 1989 remains black-listed in China’s memory.

The reality is, it is far too late for the U.S. to crack down on Chinese investment in AI firms, if technology is a war of innovation, by 2020, China will be winning.

The Dark Data Era of Social Control is Coming

This means the debate about ethics and safeguards of AI is a moot point, because America is a militaristic state. It will do anything to keep up with China, and Chinese ethics will govern the future AI.

Chinese capital and its hustle can beat American talent and American firms that attract the top talent from their top Universities. It’s not even a contest.

From Beijing smog to America’s Trump-rhetoric of propaganda, censorship and distraction (engineered digital displacement of attention) are both forms of slavery to the state, and stark contracts of different ways of controlling citizens.

The leading corporate firms in the world all are playing for the same end-game. It does not matter what your flag looks like, or who your symbols of authority may be; the billionaire class is real and it’s going to become a trillionarre class.

China is First go to Full On Darknet

China’s big telecom companies will block individuals’ access to VPNs by early next year. Back in 2016, Facebook actually created a censorship tool for China.

Mark Zuckerburg ≠ Edward Snowden

If Apple is conceding to local laws, the rest of the big American firms need to follow suit. Facebook reluctantly and especially Alphabet begrudgingly and Microsoft, they’ve been there since 1992.

LinkedIn entered China in 2014, as Derek Shen, LinkedIn President of China, left his position as of July, 2017. LinkedIn’s growth has nearly doubled since then in terms of global users. LinkedIn agreed to censor its China-based users as part of its local launch. Conforming to local laws, and doing international business, “ethics” is a relative term.

What the Data Dark Age Will Mean

From companies microchip implanting employees, to the last few months of Chinese’s VPNs even working, something in changing in the world, and no country is immune. Microsoft itself has been on a spending spree acquiring cybersecurity companies for the future data wars.

If you think NSA type monitoring is over, or that your online footprint isn’t monetized and profiled, you’d be wrong. Data is the blood of the information economy, and with the push to AI comes the need for ever more impressive data-streams.

Facebook is a One Media Rule Company

One-party rule exists in more ways than the global citizens are led to believe. This is because as trillion dollar corporate entities emerge, the stakes get higher for monopolies as the tools of national rivalries for control of the global economy itself.

Most westerners don’t even know who Liu Xiaobo is, or why censorship surrounding him is a microcosm of what’s to come.

If China wants a clean internet, America wants an internet that has you on mobile devices 5-hours a day doing nothing much of anything. The time you spend there feeds over $30 Billion to Google and Facebook alone in advertising revenue. If you don’t see the connection between GFC and Duopoly mode, you just wait.

Facebook is not only responsible for the Trump era, it’s deceived advertizers with false metrics and a lack of attribution for years, meanwhile profits reached $3.9 billion in Q2, up 71 percent year-over-year. History will see this kind of data fraud as likely more serious than GFC blocking the truth of its human rights violations.


Whatever does happen to your data in the future, or your access to the truth, Xi Jinping does resemble Winnie the Pooh.