How Digital Receipts is a Game changer in Customer Experience

I’ve been blogging recently about digital receipts. As a retail futurist, I’m always amazed at how it’s all coming together.

Omnichannel Retail Pushed by Amazon

A unified commerce that takes omnichannel experience further on its way is being realized by Amazon’s disruptive influence and the rise of Ecommerce on brick and mortar retail.

With the evolution of mobile POS combined with machine intelligence, how the retail store scales into the future becomes quite a remarkable story.

I follow industry blogs to understand how major players are evolving and what industry experts are saying, from how PokemonGo is being used by SMBs in retail to attract customers, to how mobile payments and mobile wallets are changing the customer experience at our favorite stores.

Retail Innovation is Entering a Golden Age

There’s a plethora of new in-store solutions, the top 50 retail innovations, you might call them, that I find very exciting. Technology is starting to really be implicated in retail and customer experience, from Watson, to the Internet of Things.

Point of sale solutions are evolving with fascinating new integrations, and digital receipts is shaping up to be a legitimate more seamless way for consumers to interact with their favorite retail brands while getting receipts on their phones without having to give any personal info.

Loyalty Marketing Channel

So, why should retailers care about digital receipts? Basically they allow customers more convenience, and a way to add coupons on the flip side of the digital receipts to retain, engage and attract more customers.

Internet of Things Adds Ubiquity to Impact of Digital on Shopping

With the internet of things, devices in store become touch points for consumers in new ways, such as receipt printers in independent retail stores. As mobile first strategies predominate, emerging technologies can impact the customer experience of SMB retailers like never before including how virtual reality (VR) develops in retail settings.

For an easy to read intro to the value of digital receipts, here is an Ebook:

Digital Receipts as a Loyalty Channel

For an inside view on how easy digital receipts connect retailers with shoppers in a frictionless way, view the video below:

Digital Receipts offer a new loyalty-marketing channel on the Flip side that retailers can fully customize.
  • What is Receipt Flip?
  • How can consumers adopt Digital Receipts with the AllReceipts App?
  • Retailers can customize the flip side of the digital receipts with coupons, offers and loyalty marketing store info.
  • Digital receipts add value to the shopper, while improving the branding and mobile reach of stores.

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Would you upload your shopping receipts into your smart phone that are sortable by date and location, while being able to connect with retail stores better?