Unintuitive Lessons on Being a Designer
Julie Zhuo

I love how this post feels like a Bible on the evolution and science of design with a pro-social take. Julie you have manged to summarize an experience of a decade in a way that makes me wish I had a better idea of what exactly you are talking about and about design in general. Design should be intuitive and user-centric. I believe for things to be seamless, the UX is the single most important context.

If we live in 2016 in an internet of screens, I hope by 2020 we can live in an internet of commands (preferably voice) where screens can appear and disappear and augmented reality can create more layers to our physical world, rather than simply being an escape from it. Design has profound implications in how we experience the future, not in terms of Software and the web, but what will precede it.

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