If Making Makes us Thine

Dear soul, how long it’s been?

The poems in your mouth

That went unsaid?

My heart’s heart has no longer

The flowers of will, only

A silent longing that’s no longer

The beady desire of blood

Bless you and what’s near to you

Though, who said the journey ever stopped

We just became somebody else

As the months rolled into blinding anonymity

We moved closer to the light

To love you much and yet

To love more in the freedom of being

Dear soul, it doesn’t matter how many years

Tomorrow is a world without end

For others to feel the magic

While words remain and joys will echo on

Like children asking questions about the universe

We’re all I love you firsts, and afterwards

Where our love can be remembered

In the happy solace of helpmet age

Where age is just a number

And poems only mirrored garments

Our hearts once wore in sunlight

Different than today’s

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