I Accept Your Surrender
Henry Wismayer

It’s not just self-help Gurus, it’s authenticity and vulnerability hacks of such vicious content storytelling, you CANNOT tell what is genuine and what is faked. THAT to me is the most disturbing thing about Medium.

You nearly have to assume, 70% of the “issues” are “staged” for “views”. I like life-hacks in theory, but they have to be about positive psychology and not some person’s online brand and get famous scheme.

John is actually the best of a bad bunch, if Cammipham is maybe the worst. It’s not that it’s bad either, it’s just an exploit that they take advantage of. I would not mind if Medium did not let the same author have multiple “top stories” at once, that’s for me a very sour point.

Who wants to see spam like that? No matter how valuable their posts may be to the people who like 6th grade level advice.

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