The Paradise Papers Show Justin Trudeau is Corrupt

Sunny ways my friends, just different rules for the financial elite.

The Paradise Papers show damning evidence of Justin Trudeau’s financial corruption.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn’t have as low approval ratings like his compatriot down south, but his promises haven’t exactly been a shining beacon of credibility.

It just got a whole lot worse for him, and the Liberal Party in Canada.

New leak reveals 3,000-plus Canadians, including direct ties to Justin Trudeau involved in tax haven, tax evasion fraud and related loop holes.

It’s Who You Know

Canadian businessman Stephen Bronfman, a close friend of and fundraiser for Justin Trudeau, identified in the Paradise Papers, makes Justin Trudeau’s rise to power a tarnished success for a party that had a decade long rebuilding program to win back Canadian trust.

The same chief fundraiser, who helped him rise to power, moved millions of dollars into offshore tax haven. CBC’s the National covered the Paradise Papers and the Montreal link, and it damages the credibility of Justin Trudeau in a major way. It portrays Trudeau as a sort of puppet of the financial elite of Canada, that rose to power solely on his personal connections. O’ Canada!

That Justin Trudeau’s closest close adviser helped move huge sums offshore shows the financial elite and politicians continue to play by different rules.

Justin Say it Ain’t So — Good Looking, Rich and Corrupt?

The Guardian has brought the Paradise Papers to global attention, and it’s really another bombshell of how the financial elite play outside the rules of the system, finding loopholes to store their funds.

When you are the son of a former Prime Minister you have a responsibility to not only come from the privilege big boys club; but it appears Justin’s close family connections entirely shaped his career in politics.

Bronfman, is an heir to the Seagram family fortune and a close Trudeau family friend, was revenue chair of the Liberal Party. So what’s the issue? The Liberals won by launching a federal election campaign, with a sweep victory with the motto “Real Change”, a platform that especially focused on the middle class and a promise to tax the rich. This kind of rhetoric that’s the exact opposite of your fundraising, is a red flag for a national leader.

Justin Trudeau conducted a great campaign especially on social media and appealing to Millennials (younger voters). Ironically, this will be the same generation where the Paradise Papers revelation could seriously damage trust in the Liberal Party and Trudeau’s chances in 2019.

Stephen Bronfman.

The Ultra Elite Duped Us Again — Politicians Remain a Stage and Bought

The Paradise Papers suggestion Bronfman used his family investment firm to move millions of dollars into an offshore trust owned by the Kolber family, which also has links to Trudeau. Of course these black-hat schemes have cost Canadian tax payers millions of dollars.

The ultra elite duping the laws is nothing new, but this heavily implicates the Liberal Party of Canada. Bronfman’s family investment business created a complex web of entities in the US, Israel and the Cayman Islands where in the three jurisdictions they could legally avoid taxes in the U.S., Israel and Canada.

In an age of so many leaks, it’s hard to care about things we already consider “business as usual”, however the direct link to Justin Trudeau could derail his political career entirely.

Justin Trudeau is quoted as saying:

“Our government has long known — indeed, we got elected — on a promise to make sure that people were paying their fair share of taxes,” Trudeau said shortly after his election victory. “Tax avoidance, tax evasion is something we take very seriously.”