He shared his sexual preferences with me at a networking event. This was my response.
Mona Zhang

So it’s not just inappropriate it’s the picture of how venture capital is dominated by men. That’s a bias against women led startups and innovation that’s ethical. That’s technology that is become so corrupt and exploitive in how you see social networks today that were in danger of artificial intelligence having fundamental biases against minorities and women.

This isn’t just to me, me too, this is really f****** serious. Shows America has a completely dysfunctional venture capital slant. This is basically one of the reasons China can catch up in innovation and even Saudi Arabia royalty in Japanese led SoftBank can do things Silicon Valley can only dream about.

What if American institutions are just flawed? At what point does the old boys club just fail? In politics and in American leadership and in venture capital I think this is what we’ve been seeing for years. To me sexual harassment is a sign or a symptom of these larger issues.