So you Want to be an Influencer

Oct 27, 2015

Influencer marketing states the top 3% of influencers generate 90% of the impact online, could it be true?

You’ve heard the crazy statistics, how the top few % of influencers drive the majority of the traffic. Like major tech companies dominate entire industries, the same could be said for influencers. Leadership in an information economy, is actually more about influencing than we realize. We influence others by the information we share, and also by our emotional intelligence, and in how wemake others feel! People with the best customer awareness and empathy, make others feel empowered and like leaders themselves.

There is nothing wrong with trying to be an influencer, it’s a normal drive and it can pay dividends for your own business, for your brand, your company, and for your future.

Using platforms like our Blog, LinkedIn Pulse, Twitter, Medium and even Instagram. It’s a good idea to take a growth hacking mentality to become an Influencer. Why not? Take on your industry, create quality content, you can do this! In a reputation economy and competition for attention online, it’s a worthy goal. It’s not conceited, it’s good business. It’s good PR, good for your SEO and likely good for your sales, conversions, profits, ROI — whatever you like to call it!

Know your TTP on the road to becoming an Infuencer: Topic, Timing & Profile.

Decide Who you Want to Be

What services in high demand with a high unique selling point, will you be sought out for and by whom?

In 3 to 5 years later of hard work, you could be an expert in a field. But what kind of a field or niche expert do you think will be valuable in 3–5 years time? To you want to be a specialist or a generalist. Most influencers are hyper focused on one domain, one platform, and know everything there is to know in that field. This is about knowledge, research, where the $ is, timing and focus. What do you want to be known for? What services in high demand with a high unique selling point, will you be sought out for and by whom?

There is no point to having followers, being read or recognize if you it doesn’t lead to a service you offer that can make you $. Maybe you want to work from home, or be a consultant at this point in your career. Maybe you are forced to be anentrepreneur simply by the harshness of your industry.

Be a Knowledge Authority

To be anything close to a knowledge authority in your domain, you have to do a lot of reading. Subscribe to a lot of blogs and have a quick way to consume content. This will help you create original high quality content that is innovative. Become adept at creating content for your blog, video content, infographics, the works. Allow yourself to be prolific and find a mentor if you can, work overtime.

Share Valuable Content

So besides being a good writer, practicing daily on your blog and gaining insight on how to contribute valuable content in your industry, one thing you will have to realize and you may as well realize it now. It’s not enough to blog, have great content on LinkedIn Pulse, Medium and do social media exceptionally well. You’ll have to guest blog on other sites, where huge audience await you, to make a name for yourself, your brand and specific to your industry. So you have 8 or so online media platforms, great. Focus 80% of your energy on 2 or 3 of your favorites. This will allow you to really shine and develop a following, real friendships and professional associates there.

Which social media channel you choose, may be related to your preferences, your industry, the kind of content you create, and where you get the most positive feedback. It’s really that simple. Keep in mind while you do this, some channels will become obsolete, while others will continue to grow, each channel will be useful and peak and decline at different rates. So choose your channels wisely. That is why, most influencers have their own website or wordpress blog. The success of that channel, is dependent upon you. Your conviction, your intelligence and your marketing abilities. Identify influencers in your field, and learn from what works for them.

Recognize that the majority of your audience, sooner or later are going to be Millennials. This means speaking their language, be authentic and empowering in the way you present content, in your tone to manner. Let your content be a beacon, an inspiration and helpful to your common audience. Don’t forget totarget your content to the audience you most seek to gain attention from.

The audience that translates to business for you and actual real-world conversions, aren’t always who you believe and sometimes having less but more focused followers is better than having more random followers. In this process of reciprocal empowerment, draw attention to others, curate valuable content, and don’t be afraid not to be the sole focus of your own content. Who wants to read self-promotional content these days?

Remember that in a mobile world, people want to see video content, podcasts, mixed media, slideshares, infographics and a wide range of content that intrigues, entertains, educates. Watch TED talks to get inspiration and what’s trending and where the world is heading. Be a global influencer, and no matter who small your following, think big and think niche, at the same time.

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