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The Death of all Websites is Coming


Alexa knows it, Google knows it, actually the Voice-AI interface is scaling faster than we expected. It might mean the end of all websites, likely by as early as 2023. Hard to imagine right?

We are now safely snuggled in the app attention economy, that’s eating away at our lives. In the future, we’ll be more ethical — even as Apple is releasing software to help us with mobile addiction.

In fact, a lot of folk think this will really happen. I’m not just making this up. Ask Alex Spinelli, a former exec at Amazon who’s now the CTO of LivePerson. He thinks even many apps will disappear and give way to the AI voice interface as the primary way we interact with technology.

At least for the future of E-commerce. The argument is conversation is a much more natural way to interact with brands and shop online. Why would customers stumble through the world wide web, that massive archive of archaic spam, and Google lists ourselves? Isn’t that kind of outdated?

Fast forward to 2022, and Amazon, Google, Apple, Tencent and others will be “everywhere” with universal Voice-interfaces and “screens”, video and AI on demand. Why will we need to browse websites or download apps, that’s so old-school.

In fact, it’s likely our personal assistants will do a lot of these things for us anyhow. We won’t shop in the same way at all, our homes will be increasingly automated and self-run. Customer service therefore won’t exist in the way we understand it today, in 2018.

On WeChat, something called “mini-programs” already shows app layers that act kind of like the next iteration of apps. Google and Apple haven’t yet come up with an equivalent to Tencent’s technology; which is like a new platform for E-commerce brands.

We live in a world where Facebook is for old people, LinkedIn is also more of a legacy sales channel, and people spend more time on mobile than they ever did on PC computers. Voice-AI means really an entry into an AI-human first world, where the very idea of “searching” for information might go extinct. As Alexa, Google Assistant and the likes of Huawei’s emotionally intelligent personal assistant evolve, (even Microsoft has made tech for China) — the way we conceive of the voice AI-human interface will seem like the new normal, making the likes of corporate websites, older social networks and many apps, nearly obsolete.