How to Be More Confident Without The Booze
Tiffany Sun

Tiffany! That title is so evil! But I got some rather remarkable tips from this list, thanks.

Also just smiling is good self-attunement, tricking our brain into being positive.

In the primate kingdom, the “social smile” is actually a gesture of obedience to another “higher ranking” individual. In an evolutionary sense, its strange than to ponder what a smile might signal to the deepest regions of our brain at an instinctual level.

I find the act of powerful listening and asking questions with empathy is actually perhaps the best use of confident rapport building. What’s confidence if you cannot connect as equals after all?

I’m all ears to read some actual life-hacking that takes collective values more into account, and not just the kind of Silicon valley life-hacking that we are getting accustomed to reading on Medium.

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