Top 10 Reasons Social Media has poor Emotional ROI

Jan 30, 2016

The Emotional ROI of Social Media

Why do individuals, the common citizen, spend so much time on social media? What’s the emotional ROI of social media? Have you ever asked yourself these questions. Are the social and emotional rewards for using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever flavour you like, actually contributing to your offline social reality in a positive way?

I’m a late blooming digital native, and I enjoy social media. But let’s face it, it’s not hard to play devil’s advocate on this one. I post this with humour in mind, but let’s not forget the ugly truth in this. Share this post if you agree.

Top 10 Reasons Social Media has poor Emotional ROI

1- It’s not real, it’s not a substitute for an inner circle of meaningful, live conversations and intimate contact. It’s basically, superficial.

2- It’s not as efficient as MOOCs for learning, it may be useful as educational channels where we “consume” content, but it’s not book quality, or course quality or a self-learning substitute.

3- It’s distracting, it’s over-kill, it’s notification intense. It’s not good for concentration and professional focus.

4- It’s literally a cop out, and taking time away from the people in your life who actually matter!

5- It’s conditioning you to compare yourself with others, a fundamentally negative cognitive and emotional experience. Why would you torment yourself with that? Don’t we have enough competition at our job?

6- It’s all based around short-term rewards. Pure vanity. How many likes will I get, how popular can I appear, how knowledgeable can I be. The metrics that Facebook invented is soul-killing. The “like”, the Instagram heart. The vanity metrics illusion, the selfie generation of pure and utter materialism.

vs. a Relationship that’s warm, reciprocal, interactive and based upon long-term rewards ~ you know, like real friendship, real romance, real connection!

7- It’s bloody time consuming, who has the time? You have kids, you want to travel, you have real hobbies? Just forget social media. It’s like news for bored people. It’s like a video game without a growth curve.

8- It makes you feel significant. What a myth, who cares how many follower you have, or how many views your YouTube video got, it may have professional merits, your online reputation management (ORM), but to what extent?

9- It empowers Introverts to express themselves. Maybe, but so might falling in love and making more offline friendships. When is the last time you fell in love on Facebook or Instagram? Made an offline friend via Twitter? 2006? Really!…. You have higher odds of falling in love on the OK Cupid mobile app (and it’s not even very high odds!)

10- It makes you feel “connected” when you are just a wee lil individual encased in flesh with a brain that’s not too bright. Is this multiplied, more bright? Apparently not if we are to judge humanity by its viral content and output on social media…none to bright at all, sorry folks.

As we age as digital natives we realize #SkillsGap (s) are quite often an issue of deselecting what isn’t working, so we can focus on what IS. We hear of NY resolution’s of going to the gym more right? But increasingly with my peers, I hear about resolutions to close their Facebook account, or spend less time on Instagram. That’s an interesting #NewYearNewMe . Social media addicts, this article was for you.

  • Be Honest, what’s the emotional ROI of your weekly dose of social media? And if it’s a habit you just can’t break, at least find a social media channel that gives you the best Emotional ROI.