Top 17 Tools for Content Search

Jan 2, 2016

For the amateur social listener and futurist like me, knowing what is trending is important. I prefer a Twitter-centric view of this.

Whether you are looking for keywords, content search or trends, you’ll want to check the same topics on multiple places. The key to content curation is that it can:

  • Ups social authority
  • Ups knowledge authority
  • Ups targeting of audience
  • Ups lead generation
  • Is interactive (think Twitter Polls, online surveys like surveymonkey or UGC)

Original content means less than it once did, we are in an age of content automation, where algorithms distribute it on many channels. Very often, frequency of sharing has more relevancy than quality of sharing. High frequency channels are those that have dense streams or no feeds (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest). On channels where streams with organic search that has been grealty reduced (with algorithms for mobile monitization) to next to nil (Facebook is about 4% now), high frequency adoption makes sense in 2016 (Facebook, LinkedIn). Given this new reality, marketing software that recycles content while it automates, like Edgar, are on the way up.

Here are some top tools that may help:

1. A visual Map with key topics: here.

(FinTech) Where is it trending? Seattle, Cali, New York, Boston + Europe, etc…

2. BuzzSumo Search: here.

3. SocialMention Search: here.

4. SEMRush Content Search: here.

5. Quora Search: here.

6. Twitter Advanced Search: here.

7. Reddit Search: here.

8. TrendSpotter: here.

9. Topsy (died): sad face.

10. Google Trends: here.

11. here.

12. App: here.

13. Top IG #: here. no wait, here.

14. RiteTag: here. (get the chrome ext if you like it)

15. Crowdfire Keyword Search: here. (good for finding influencers)

16. LinkedIn Pulse Search: (posts) here.

17. Medium Cloud Tag Search: here. (top right). Click on ‘People’ after search to find influencers.

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