See Unit Bundles in action.

If you are selling multiple units on project as a bundle — typical scenario is flat, cellar and parking — you can now link those units together. One Unit Bundle can contain two or more units.

What are benefits of doing that?

When you create a new deal with main unit, all linked units are also added to deal automatically. Also you can see Unit Bundles in every product detail page and products list page so you spent less time figuring out what parking belongs to which flat and what are their total cumulated price.

Unit Bundle on your website

REALPAD API also allows to export Unit Bundle information together with…

Mark invoices as paid or delayed for payment.

ERP now offers ability to mark fully approved invoices as Ready to be paid or Delayed for payment. With combination of marking invoices as Paid / Not Paid and Booked / Not booked after they’ve been fully approved, we give you full control on approved invoices in company. You don’t have to ask for status updates anymore. Just navigate to Invoices tab and find invoices you are interested.

Keep in mind that marking invoices like this will only change their state in Finances module, in other words before they reach accountant. We help you get organized with unpaid invoices, actual booking of invoices is different job.

List of improvements and fixes in our most used Deals module.

Hide a project in filters

If given project is not active at the moment, you can hide it in filters in whole CRM system. Just navigate to Settings > Projects > Select project and disable it.

Display prices of lost deals

When you close a deal as a lost, you can still see it’s original price in deals table. This price is shown in Total price column just like active deals. Just remember to filter deals list by Lost state.

Extended project overview report

Third table in project overview report for sold and unsold units now displays:

  • Price range of units in given row (min — max price)
  • Average price of unites in given…

Document generation, coloring and more.

  • Reclaim operators can generate documents for general contractor. This document serves as first notice to contractor that buyer issued a new reclaim. Before using it, make sure you have this template uploaded in Document templates in CRM settings.
  • Changed order of call-to-action buttons in reclaim tab for more user convenience.
  • New type of defect attachment called Other document
  • If you do not send reply to customer about how reclaims goes, this defect is colored blue in list of defects.
  • If deadline to fix defect is less than 7 days away, this defect is colored orange.
  • Alternative deadline for planned defect fix was available only when there exists a local inspection on such defect. Now it’s available if there is a Expert opinion as well.

Start creating business plans inside REALPAD. Get your invoices approved on time.

Creating and editing business plans in ERP

From now on, you can create and edit business plan inside Financials module. No need for imports from puzzle-like Excel sheets!

Start by navigating to Financials > Administer ERP > Projects. There, you can see list of project with associated plans like shown below. Click on link to go to Active plan or Add a new one and start creating or editing your plans!

Budget export in financial module

ERP is now able to export budgets for all projects in one Excel sheet. To use this export, you must be ERP administrator with administrative permissions. Then navigate to Financial module > Administer ERP > Projects.

See what’s new in ERP and Deals modules.


Automatic project selection for invoice in ERP

When creating new invoice, auto-select project field based on selected company.

Single line mode for invoice by default

From now on, we will display single line mode invoice detail by default. This means, when one creates new invoice, she/he can select project and chapter within this step. Only when invoice has multiple invoice lines, she/he enter multiline mode to enter additional lines.

This speeds up invoice creation for reception and any other administrative employee.

News in orders

  • ERP users are able to see Orders tab
  • When you create a new invoice or invoice line, it will automatically creates new order with order line with unified naming.
  • Users have permissions for…

We’re proud to announce that REALPAD now simplifies yet another important area of real estate sales cycle: management of customer claims.

Real estate developers can now store all the customer warranty claims and automate their processing. We’ve just introduced a new tab in deal detail where users can keep track of all the warranty claims. If their customers reveal any issues with the apartment, be it broken pipes or painting, users can now keep all the information about these issues in the “Reclamations” section. They can manage state of each reclaim, add defect protocols, feedback, inspections and finally lead their customers to satisfaction and close the case.

The feature is currently used by two of our customers. We’ll keep you updated on how it helped these early adopters improve satisfaction of their customers.

Michal Kejzlar

Product at @Realpad

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