Call for a Lawyer Action
To Submit Legal Practices Projects

targeting scale solutions towards present and future — national and global — social challenges


- the aim of Lady Lawyer Foundation (LLF), not-for-profit NGO,
 • to put human rights standards at the heart of global governance and policy-making and to ensure that the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable are addressed worldwide;
 • to provide a trusted, impartial space for dialogue and independent analysis to deepen understanding of human rights challenges;
 • to address problems where the law may be unclear, where accountability and responsibility may not be well-defined, and where legitimate dispute settlement mechanism may be non-existent or poorly administered;
 • to raise corporate standards and strengthen public policy to ensure that the activities of companies do not contribute to human rights abuses, and in fact lead to positive solutions.

- present and future social challenges, that demands new and innovative choices and ways of thinking within every sector operations, services, and activities;

- lawyer’s mission in defense of a system of justice to make lasting contributions to the betterment of our communities;

- the regulatory framework of legal profession;

- present scenario, both at national and global level, asking for going beyond the concepts of commutative and distributive justice, adding solidarity as a sense of responsibility on the part of everyone with regard to everyone;

1. The Content of the Action

LLF invites to submit practices projects related to legal profession and targeted to new and innovative choices in terms of strategies and operations, efficiency and commitment, between system of Justice and rule of law, taking into account lawyer’s mission, in view of giving answer to present and future social challenges within the framework of national, regional and international principles, laws, and negotiations

2. Who can submit

The Action is open to all lawyers, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, age, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

3. The Action

LLF, using its own resources:
 - provides a platform of knowledge, through which the projects receive tools for their progression, individuation of innovative instruments, possibility and opportunity of intra-projects partnership, spread of experiences;
 - supplies open dialogue, workshops, webinars, online brief, closed-door meetings and working- sessions, self-assessment exercises in order to give projects operational methods and models for the practical step-by-step feasibility analysis.

4. How submitting a Project

Projects are submitted in any form via mail to Lady Lawyer Foundation, 40136, Bologna (I), Viale del Risorgimento n° 1 or via e.mail at or delivered to Lady Lawyer Foundation, 40136, Bologna (I), Viale del Risorgimento n° 1 as above, by 2017, April 28th.
 LLF, taking into account both balance between system of Justice and rule of law and innovation, selects 10 projects, communicating the result to these 10 selected projects by 2017, June 30th.

5. How Action is developed

The Action is carried out over the course of three years between 2018, January 8th and 2020, December 18th, during which each project submits to LLF its annual communication on progress by both 2019, January 9th and 2020, January 13th. On the basis of the communication on progress, LLF approves to or not to continue the action.

In the periods between 2018, June - July, 2019, June - July, and 2020, June - July, LLF holds three annual workshops, with the participation of all projects sharing experiences and good practices.

6. Expected Outcomes

- 10+ experiences related to projects consistent with the Action as above;
 - a compendium of projects ‘stories’ as case histories;
 - the publication of the projects ‘stories’ at the end of the three years period as above.