Fool !!!


1)a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person. 2)trick or deceive (someone); dupe. 3)a person who lacks good sense or judgment : a stupid or silly person.


I’m just gonna be #Transparent because I strongly believe transparency can change a life and transparency can save a life.

I have made some foolish mistakes in my life and with my life. Especially…….in my adult life. When I should know better or should do better or apply the

principles that I have been taught, lets just say knowing better is one thing, doing better is something completely different, and then being accountable…that’s a completely different conversation.

I was thinking about the areas of my life where I was a fool. I was a fool in my decision making, I was a fool in some of the jobs I accepted because I was at a place of desperation, I was a fool with my finances, I was a fool when I let situations and circumstances linger longer than it should have. I was a fool in the mate that I chose. Some of the relationships that I have been in, as I reflect back I had to ask myself, “Michele where was your discernment and why didn’t you just walk away?”.

I made myself a promise and it is the following. The second half of my life is not going to be like the first. Why? Because I have made enough mistakes that I shouldn’t have to be that same fool.

When I read Proverbs 13, it referenced foolishness and wisdom. I had to stop and walk away because I started to feel some type of way. That’s #RealTalk. But I had to push through the feeling and accept the correction.

As I mature and continue to read the bible, the conviction stops me from looking out of a window and causes me to start looking into a mirror. And since I am being #Transparent, I am grateful for that type of conviction.

Grateful for that type of love.