The Point Of Impact

The Point Of Impact

It was painful.

The sound of a horn beeping with fierce urgency, the force of a foot pushing the breaks through the floor, the sound of tires yelling and screaming trying its best to issue a warning as it frantically tries to grip the ground and finally, the sound of an impact that causes everyone and everything around it to come to an immediate halt.

They did not leave home with the intentions of colliding into each other, but life events had occurred.

Was it because of taking a phone call, scrolling while driving or reaching into the glove compartment that cause the car to drift? Was it a mind that was driving on automatic pilot while it was working out a nagging thought or could it be the reminiscing of a moment that cause the point of impact. The cause may be as random as the event but the effect was designed to change the lives that were involved.

He spent time in recovery but healing is continual.

It has taken months for him to arrive at the point where he can be a passenger in any vehicle but the confidence of being in the drivers seat has not returned.

He walks to the car and open the drivers door, sits on the front seat, looks at the dash board, touches the steering wheel and finally swings his legs into the car. He places one foot on the gas pedal and then moves it to the breaks. He looks at the keys on the passenger seat, runs his fingers over them but cannot bring himself to pick them up or put it in the ignition and turn.

He looks over the steering wheel and sees what was. He is in the present and the past both at the same time. His eyes closes and his head snaps back. He has returned to the point of impact.

I wonder how many of us return to impact also.