It is time to resist. I take responsibility to design my life and restore justice for all.

There are plenty of troubling events raging the planet. Political, economic, social, environmental and in our own mind and hearts. Many are living in precarious situations. The Anthropocene is already life-altering, life-threatening, and even deadly. It comes as a massive flood or a rising tide that takes their homes away. Oil wells that poisons the river on which they depend. Food and water wars. Mass migration. Political and intellectual suppression.

But to my mind, one of its most troubling dimensions is the sheer number of people it fails to trouble. Locked into the narrative opposed to us, imprisoned by the system.

We see the values we cherish and fought for being tossed aside for material gains. We are all part in perpetuating the conditioned values of a dysfunctional society.

It is the cultivated landscape of cities and towns, fascination with designer shopping malls, the drainage ditch where only bullfrog tadpoles remain.

We are framed by the political, economic and corporate manipulations.

The reorientation of the landscape toward capitalist agricultural production has resulted in the obliteration of worlds that once occupied it. Cities and towns have high nitrate levels in drinking water due to the leaching and run-off of agricultural fertilizers and poisoned with medication residues.

We are making ourselves sick because we want to keep the joy of consumption and refuse to inquire into the “why”. Keeping ourselves numb to the reality we let it happen and it might take us down.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Few people notice the profundity of these changes. We have become Blind. Blind to the violence afflicted on nature and soul. A structural blindness: on a refusal to acknowledge the histories we inherit.

The systems and cultures we live in are a manifest of our collective beliefs. Forced on us to change our narrative to fit the King. Albert Einstein once said, “ We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

It is essential we decolonize our modern way of thinking if we are to solve the problems endemic in our world. The more you inquire, the more you notice that many of the modern societies accepted systems are without values in mind. We become isolated self’s. Uprooted out of our natural environment. We deconstructed our tribes where we ones belonged. We cannot tell our stories anymore. Nobody is listening with an open heart.

When we are presented with a solution or asked to play a new better game, then something does not fit the box we have constructed. We react with bewilderment and often anger, resistance, or outrage.

When a label becomes an identifier rather than a descriptor, we move into the world of absolutes, of duality, of separation. It becomes us versus them. They are not one of `us`.

But when we engage in a process of challenging our assumptions, we decolonize our minds. We allow things and people to be unique, to be as they are. We can relate to each other’s essence. Instead of who someone ought to be, how they ought to act, and whether they are one of us. We are asked to look at our motivations, to use our heart and our heads, to become courageous defenders of our values, and to become creators of a world in harmony with all life.

I want to live in abundance, not scarcity.

Live as part of a whole system, not a separate and isolated self.

I prevere to take responsibility and design my life. Not let outside conditions influences, or illusions decide for me.

Aware and conscious engagement begins with `me`. We start with learning to manage our own thoughts and feelings. Examine our own assumptions and worldviews. And as we change our personal inner lives and our cultural values, we apply this wisdom to strategies that affect the world. We balance action and reflection.

My Path in life has been a path of inquiry. The biggest question has always been “WHY”.

From the moment I got uprooted from my natural (birth) habitat, then the moment we had to return to a country not native to me. To be coached to fit into the narrative of this western country and western frame of mind. I always wanted to leave, till I left. Which took a lot of inquiry.

Inquiry that focused on my internal assumption and an external focus questioning anything presented as a fact or as `the way` it should be.

Through meditation and reflection I found deeper levels of meaning, allowing a deeper level of awareness to inform my actions. This feeds me with clarity and power. It strengthens my integrity. I learned that you cannot argue with fundamentalists. Be it about politics, religion or food. It is still a challenge, but now I understand that you can listen and learn how they tick. What is driving them (crazy). If you manage the process, and look at them with an open heart, you can see their wounds and fears. Just as I learned to see mine. Now it resolves my uneasiness with them.

It is not about who is right or wrong. It is `how` we talk, and `how` deeply we look and listen at each other.

Real Life is about `meeting` each other and to give ourselves to life.

The whole process is about being human, better yet, “becoming human”!

I was fortunate to have spent time in the middle east (Jordan), Kenya, Caribbean and in my younger years in Guatemala. To meet with natives have helped my spiritual awakening. I understood very early that the richness of the west is our money. But their richness was their souls.

To crack my chestnut, so to say, because that’s how the light comes in (Leonard Cohen), I understood that my attitudes are not so much inside of me but rather being part of my illusionary personality. Now I know “I am myself in the deepest way possible”. And these natives recognized me as one who I truly am.

Silence is not an option anymore!

We need to go beyond personal change. We need to build new economics, governance, environment and society itself.

Next step is collective change. Collective activism is one of the emerging new ways to engage in healing our planet and connecting the human family. We need to grief our cultural traumatic experiences and heal ourselves, nature and planet. There are many initiatives, some are using personal and/or collective meditations. Others use Permaculture, even lawsuits against the governments for jeopardizing our ecological futures

We have a responsibility as global citizens, to train ourselves to not allow the present traumatic events to pass on to future generations. In small and big ways you have to make the effort and help carry the weight of this challenge. You can join at the grassroots level through networks, alliances and movements. We have to involve the youth to the task. It is their future and we have to help.

Silence is not an option!

We start with new stories of love for humanity. Unburden ourselves of the injustice done to animals and nature. Grow new roots into the planet and nurture this beautiful organism into health and fertility.

All this means restoring justice for all.

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Michel Jansen is a Bio dynamic (permaculture) gardener, Cook, Meditation teacher. Living and teaching a holistic approach to life.