Wisdom is a direct personal experience.

The development of Wisdom in the self is not shaped or faked by understanding conceptual ideas. By reading wise books and listening to intelligent people. However, it certainly is useful, gaining levels of deep intelligence and knowledge, but knowledge does not mean understanding.

We cannot gain insight in self and transform this into Wisdom before we loosen the emotional attachment to the identification and clinging to views, sense desires, set ways in understanding and identifying with the status quo of self.

Sometimes I think that it is not that people think that they are perfect, Everybody make mistakes. But that they don't appreciate the extent to which they are fallible.

Wisdom is only to be gained by a direct personal experience and active participation with moral action, mental development and direct insight.

We can listen and gain information all we like, but we must know for oneself what is harmful and then abandon it in order for such knowledge to be transformative.

This is the real challenge.

We do not need more conceptual understanding but `greater emotional maturity`, which only comes from better self-knowledge. Our knowledge is still under control and tyranny of three painful root-emotions; greed, hatred and delusion.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” ~Jiddu Krishnamurti

We understand very well the harm we are causing, but have very little knowledge and understanding (wisdom) of how to prevent ourselves from doing it. This counts for us personally but certainly also collectively.

We know in increasing detail how economic, political and social systems that are in place are contributiung to the dramatic degradation of the global environment.

We hardly have a clue , however, about how to support, educate and guide people to disengage from the root instincts that are causing it. At least not on a large social scale. We are specialists at framing and mass psychology, but use this in the GHD business; greed, hatred and delusion business.

Dismantling the essential Self is a good start. It can help penetrate the defences of the sacred interdepentend being we are and allow (a) (the) healing process. We can do this in ways that are understandable. Mindfulness, Buddhist wisdom, psychology, neuroscientist and philosophers can all help with this. Loosening the bonds that keeps us from evolving into a humanitarian, compassionate, benevolent species.

The Self , as we know and understand, may not be fitted for the future yet, it may turn out to be more trouble than it is worth, and we all may well be better off without it. In order to transform and evolve into a being worthy of survival and ready for the future we better understand the stakes presented to us.

Lessening of suffering and uplifting of well-being for humans, environment, nature and our planet are on the table now.

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