How to schedule Instagram posts through Hootsuite

About a month ago, a member of my Facebook Group, Savvy Women of Social Media, asked a question about using Hootsuite to schedule their Instagram posts. To get back into the habit of doing videos, I created a video showing how to schedule posts in Hootsuite to Instagram. But because you need to use your mobile device as well, I thought I would do a blog post with those screen shots.

First, here is the video to see how to schedule posts through Hootsuite to Instagram.

If you are not sure what Hootsuite is, it is a third party software you can use to schedule posts to your social media, such as, Facebook, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Profiles, LinkedIn Company Pages & Groups, Twitter, and Instagram. Scheduling to Instagram is pretty new through Hootsuite, but because Instagram can only be used through a mobile device, you will need that as well.

The first thing you want to do is add your Instagram account to Hootsuite.

  1. Click on Settings in the Hootsuite mobile app.
  2. Click Add Social Network and select Instagram.
  3. Enter login credentials and authorize Hootsuite to gain access.
  4. You will be auto-subscribed to push notifications. Note: If push notifications are disabled for the Hootsuite mobile app, you must enable them.

How to schedule a post through Hootsuite (desktop or mobile):

  1. Make sure you are selecting your Instagram account
  2. Enter the content you want the post to say
  3. Enter the hashtags you think people are going to use to search for your topic
  4. Upload the image you want to use
  5. Click the calendar to schedule your post
  6. Hit the schedule button

Now that you have scheduled your post through Hootsuite, these next steps have to be done through your mobile device.

When it’s time to share your scheduled post, you will get a notification on your phone — Click on that notification


Hootsuite will then open on your phone to the Notifications screen — Click on the post you are going to share


The Share Your Post screen will then come up — Click Open in Instagram


You will get a message that says “You will need to paste your caption in Instagram.” Your content will copy automatically to your clipboard.


The next message you get is “Make sure you are logged into the right account on Instagram.” This is important if you manage more than one Instagram account. Click on “OK, got it!” You can then crop your image if it doesn’t fit into the screen and edit the way the image looks.


On the Share to screen, Paste your content into the “Write a caption” area. You do this by holding down your finger and click on Paste. Everything you wrote in Hootsuite will be pasted. You can also choose to share it to other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. When you are done, click on the Checkmark at the top right.


Once it posts, it will show up in your Newsfeed.


Comment below if you have any questions or trouble.

Now, start scheduling those posts! Really, go now!!!!

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