absolutely impossible ・ poetry in motion from Michelle
breathed from Michelle Bernard

my folks wanted

normal —

i got nods when i wore the beige suit (this happened twice in all my 49 years)

i grew up around crossed fingers

that I’d learn

hobby don’t make no money

that would have to happen from magic

so i went out into the wilderness and hunted degrees — certs — and validation

— i even dry cleaned and starched a white collared shirt

i did very good to grow-up and be

— not me

wild chocked me with its vines — squeezing for books to be birthed — books to…

Michelle Bernard ・ convo with the cosmos

poetry VOICED from Michelle’s WiLD Interior

VOICED spoken word from Michelle’s journal

your perception colors what you believe is possible ・pixabay photo

What you believe deep inside, what you declare most often, and what you imagine most of the time will color the things you’ll notice and experience in your life.

Your journal can make you aware of the stuff going on in your head.

Your journal will show you what you are believing, allowing, and blocking.

Take a breath. I need one, too.

You can’t make this stuff up. I didn’t. This wisdom is written in ancient philosophies, religions, and mindset mastermind courses. Superhero movies and children’s stories from The Green Lantern to Aesop’s fables have exposed the power of perspective and belief.

You’ve got a goal.

You wanna zip that red dress by Thanksgiving. You wanna…

Michelle Bernard

Fitness, Author, Talker, WiLD Journaler with 8 dashes of wit. Pollinator of energy who makes muscles, meaning, and strong cups of coffee.

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