Rabbit’s Moon

I am a clown painted in white
I dance and dance in the moonlight
I dance for the Moon’s light to shine,
but temptation leads me astray..

Making me weak with with desire
For the flesh and the beauty
of a dancer
who dances….
for him.

Oh, the softness of her touch —
I long for!
Oh, the melody of her laugh —
I yearn for!

I watch her from afar
As he watches me
Laying down the seeds that 
lure me

I follow his tease
taking over my feet
until I fall blind
and hear the whispers
of children

They see me falling
They run to me 
in my darkness
They speak no words 
I can hear clearly

I open my eyes
and look in their eyes
and they show me

And again, 
everything is serene
Everything is beautiful
With a boxer’s strength 
I get up
I reach for her
I leap to her

Oh, lady moon
How you watch over me
How you comfort me

Oh, you are so near to me
So dear to me
I reach for you
I leap to you
The closer I get to you
The farther you be

Oh lady!
Oh lady!
Take me.
Set me free.

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