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So Good That We Know

I stood across from you.
Ready for you.
The way I was ready for them.
Wanting from you. 
What I wanted from them.
Knowing that we wouldn’t be right
But it was opening night!
and this was the first of many…

We stood on the same stage.
Bright lights shining down on us.
The you and the me that wasn’t really us.
Styled images that mirrored us.
An audience that approved our performance…
Reviews that said we were good together.
Too bad we aren’t together.
So good that we know.

So stand tall!
Say what you want!
Say it loud so they all can see!
I’ll stand down awaiting my cue professionally.
Knowing both our names won’t fit on the light up marquee.

It wouldn’t be fair.
It wouldn’t be right.
Just like that night, when we laid there.
Naked bodies on a bed.
I was coming to the thought of us making it all the way to New York City!
You were coming, thinking of only yourself instead.

But, it’s okay with me.
It’s alright that it didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped.
It was rushed,
It was forced,
It was true!
For only a moment on that stage.
Then that moment escaped.
We took our bow.
And the curtain closed.