So, about our name…
Paul McDonald

Here’s the thing…you guys insist that the name ‘bodega’ should still belong to your business venture?! Have you any decency to let that name go? Why persist to capitalize on a name that is important, an important association, that has a cultural Latino component to it? This is not a ‘Chipotle’ comparison, ok?! What troubles me is that two seemingly intelligent ex-Googlers’ did not do the due diligence on the concept with Latinos — you did not? Or did you!? You managed to pull a fast one on everyone — in a typical silicon valley deceitfulness of your product. YOU KNEW that the name would bother people of color, but you persisted anyway to elicit trending, amplification and public notice — so you can further validate in the process and possible get media and sign ups. What troubles me is the like-minded venture capitalists who invested in you vs. the countless of authentic entrepreneurs, people of color included, who are solving ‘real’ problems. I have been in tech ecosystem since early 2000, I have seen it-all, been on the frontlines, seen founders making ethically bad decisions. You guys are doing what is easy, not what is right by bringing true value into a community, in the process of doing wrong, you are marginalizing a cultural institution, a person or people. Rethink, pivot fast and far away from ‘Bodega’….

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