I Won My First Battle

Yesterday I mentioned my idea to my husband, Mike. Guess what! He said he will do anything to support me with my venture. I am so happy about it! However he asked me several questions I have no aswers to so far… Questions like:

’What will be the name of the fashion brand?’

’How will this brand be unique?’

’What business modell to use?’

’How to finance it?’

and another 100 questions…

I guess this venture is much more complicated than I thought.

My husband, Mike

However, my husband created a Facebook page and a Twitter account for our startup venture. He said that it is so important to provide quality content continuously through every channel. Now I have to write a blogpost every 3–4 days. And have to post on Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis. Good to feel that I am creating something valueable. Building a dream day by day. So cool…

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