What We Need To Succeed

Working together

Yesteday we had some time without our kids, so we had a chance to think over the next step with my husband. He suggested to go through the components of Michelle Maureen’s future success. What do we need to succeed?


To start production of unique clothes we need two more sewing machines. I have a lady who helps me regulary with my sewing, but I will need another helping hand. Hope I will have enough orders to give them work.

We will also need an embroiding machine to make embroidments on the clothes. I googled these machines, and the one we need costs around 5,000 USD.


We definitely need a webshop where we will sell our clothes. Since we have to handle several factors that „ready-to-use” webshops do not provide, we need a developer who builds our store (we have to store measures of our clients for example).

Fashion design

This is mainly my part, but I would like to work with some young designers. There are some who I would like to work with, but this is a secret at this point…


I have to agree with my husband that selling on the Internet is all about online marketing. I am lucky that he know how to do it. Yet, it will cost money anyway :- (

Fabrics, accessories

I just made a list of my favourite online fabric stores. One of my favourites is Joel and Son Fabrics. In the future I would like to design my own fabrics. I have some friends who can help me with that…


This part is the less interesting, not so much to figure out. I work on my sewing skills continuously, so I will handle this. With a little help ;- )


Exclusive, unique products need exclusive, unique packing. We decided to pay a pro to design a packing for us. Since packing is the first physical contact with the customer, this has to be AWESOME! Once we have the design, we have to produce the packing too.

The first step to finance our startup is to make our contribution. Work and money. So, we do!

My husband promised me to create an infograph that demonstrates what we need. I gave him 2 days to finish it :- )

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