Emojis! The new language!

Semiotics; the study of signs and symbols, their use and their interpretation is deeply integrated into society. We rely on signs and symbols constantly to avoid text and convey messages with more easily visible visuals.

Signs and symbols are everywhere; from food labels to street signs, our society has created many useful ways to create a more universal language. But this language is yet to be completely universal, there can easily be miscommunication between individuals who interpret images differently.


However, with our society becoming more reliant on technology and more specifically, our phones, a new way of sending messages has been made in order to send messages faster and use less words! Emojis!

Emoji meme

Emoticons, more commonly known as emoji’s, are small images that can be easily sent through text. Originally, emojis started from text that was typed to form different facial expressions that would convey emotions and reactions.

First emojis?

While currently, a singular emoji would most commonly be used to express a singular expression, more and more have been added and people have found ways to create a combination of emoji’s that would convey entire stories.

emoji sentences

while this can create a faster way to send messages to others. It can get very difficult to keep the meaning of your message. For one, it takes someone who is use to and is adept at the use and reading of emojis and for them to know that that particular combination has a particular meaning. Getting this wrong would send a completely different message or could be read completely wrong, leading to miscommunication between the two parties.

Texters who can Emoji

Another issue is if your message is too long. The longer an emoji text gets, the most likely the person reading it could get lost and misinterpret the story being portrayed. Also, it looks messy and just isn’t appealing.

A birth? Apparently

And while emojis were meant to be a fun way to send messages and a faster way to text, some people have taken it to extremes.

How much time….?

Overall, the semiotics behind emojis, while working in most cases and accurately conveying emotions and emojis are useful in being able to express several different messages and creating new meanings be creating combinations, emoji’s are a long way from being universal, though hopefully people study their semiotics further and create even more emoji’s that are even more useful.

Recently, there have been an implementation of stickers to texting, some are even gifs that move!! Maybe these are the next emojis? but only time will tell! Can’t wait for the future :)